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Aug 03, 2010


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Such a wonderful post! I love fresh produce and I am a patron to my local stands. Your suggestions on how to select are so very useful and make an excellent resource for those who shop this way.
Have a great week,

Sister Diane

That's a super helpful list of tips! Thank you so much! Great point about returning cartons and such for reuse.


Thanks Susie, I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Sister Diane, the farmers really do appreciate it when you return cartons.


Lovely tips! I love shopping at the farmer's market :)

Assisted Living Seattle Wa

Hmmm.. interesting thoughts and ideas you've shared. Please keep on sharing! I'll be back to see and read some of your post soon. :)


Great list! I'd also add to let farmers know that you're interested in "seconds" or imperfect produce. We get steep discounts on vegetables because we don't care if there are blemishes or bad spots on our produce. Growers tend to just put out the perfect fruits and veggies, but they're often delighted to have a buyer for the cracked tomatoes, peppers with bad spots to cut out, and so on. Just be prepared to deal with it right away -- take it home and make salsa or can it or whatever that afternoon so it doesn't go bad.


Great advice Alicia! Thanks so much!

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