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Jan 12, 2011


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Thank you for the info!! I am struggling right now on how to take good photo's (can we say, over 250 taken and only 10 were decent, not good...decent?). I will give these tips a try!


Wendi, I hope the tips do help. Although I must say 250 to 10 is not a bad ratio. I shot over 700 photos at a Marathon this fall and ended up deleting all but 20. You have to take a lot of photos. Good luck to.


Great tips! Thank you.

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thank you for the info. I'm taking a lot of pictures myself too for the products.


Good ideas - have to try a few of these for my next photoshoot for the etsy products (especially the background idea - always struggling to communicate the actual size of my jewelry to the customers anyway). Thanks a lot for sharing!


Excellent tips! I will quote you in the future. I'm following you, too, as you have lots to offer.


Linda - I hope my tips help, jewelry is tough to photograph.


Thanks Nancy! And welcome!

Andrea Rice

Nice tips. Thanks.


Excellent tips, thank you for sharing them! Natural light is definitely the best.


You're welcome!

Robin from Israel

Your photos look great, very appealing. Thanks for sharing a great article.

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Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.


Great advise. I had already figured I had to stop taking pictures of my crafts in my bedroom/loft with no windows. I love taking pictures, but they have been coming out so bad since the lighting is bad. Thanks for the confirmation and the tips!


Great post! Thanks for the tips! Bookmarking this one. I'd love for you and your readers to come on over and enter to win some super fab TapeSwell decorative tape:


Thank you Cassandra! Natural light really does make all the difference. Good luck with the photos.

Susan Reaney

Thank you so much! I am lousy at this...but willing to learn!



Suz - You're welcome! Just keep shooting and you'll improve.


Thank you so much!!! I am always open to tips on making my products look their best thru photographing them well!!

Amy@ girls jewelry boxes

Great tips, you won't go wrong following this. Nice pictures by the way :)

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Really fantastic tips specially for a beginner like me, I just bought an SLR camera last month and this tips are useful, specially the lights, when and where to use the flash. Thanks a lot.

Lisa Fulmer

This is a great post, found you through CraftGossip.com - I would like to link to it in my next newsletter to our sewing pattern designers, where we share photo tips! Many thanks!

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bookmarked!!, I really like your website!

Marina from Labelname

Hi, this is a great article with simple and practical tips that are easy to follow! I recently posted about photography tips for crafters on our blog too: http://labelname.co.uk/blog/?p=258.
If I found this post earlier, I would quote some of your tips there. I especially like the idea of letting your style develop. Photography skills do take time to master, but it won't happen without practice!

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